Tecplot 360 is a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and numerical simulation software package used in post-processing simulation results. Tecplot 360 is also used in chemistry applications to visualize molecule structure by post-processing charge density data.

Tecplot 360 is commercial software that may only be used by research workgroups that have purchased a license and are running a private license server. You must know the license server name and port number to use Tecplot.

To determine the available versions of Tecplot installed use

$ vpkg_versions tecplot

If your workgroup has purchased a Tecplot license, then the tecplot.lic file containing the license server name and port number should be located in a shared workgroup directory such as $WORKDIR/sw/tecplot/licenses. In the example tecplot.lic below, and port would be replaced with your private license server name and port number.

HOST 0 port

Next install a tecplot startup script in a shared workgroup directory such as $WORKDIR/sw/bin which will load the current default version of tecplot denoted by the * above and configure the environment variable RLM_LICENSE to find the correct license server information for your workgroup.

source /etc/profile.d/
vpkg_require tecplot
export RLM_LICENSE="$WORKDIR/sw/tecplot/licenses"
tec360 "$@"
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