Tecplot on Farber

All interactive jobs should be run on a compute node by setting your workgroup and using qlogin. You need to be running X-Windows and you should make sure you are in the directory where you want to run Tecplot. Once on the compute node, you will automatically be in the same working directory. For example, for traine on Farber, this process might look like this:

[traine@farber ~]$ workgroup -g it_css
[(it_css:traine)@farber it_css]$ vpkg_require tecplot
Adding package `tecplot/2013-r1` to your environment
[(it_css:traine)@farber it_css]$ tecplot
Tecplot - 14:35:05  03-11-2013  [linux64-sled10.4]
Configuration File     : /opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/tecplot.cfg
Process Temp Dir       : /usr/tmp/tecplot_sraskar/tpaLDcnZ4
Tecplot displayed on   : localhost:35.0
OpenGL driver version  : 2.1 Mesa 11.0.7
Tecplot executable     : /opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/bin/tecplot.shared
Tecplot Home Directory : /opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1
QuickMacro File        : /opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/tecplot.mcr
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd69d56e]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd69d679]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd46af89]
/lib64/ [0x3260232510]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd32de3a]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd5d2f0b]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd61f57d]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd5d1d43]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd49fe60]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd5d1171]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd5d133e]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/lib/ [0x7ff5dd5cb012]
/lib64/ [0x326021ed1d]
/opt/shared/tecplot/2013-r1/bin/tecplot.shared(__gxx_personality_v0+0x41) [0x4007d9]

You should see a tecplot 360 splash window followed by the GUI for Tecplot 360. If you get the error

Err: Cannot open display.

your forgot to run X-Windows.

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