Using R

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. The main website for R is located at the R Project. R is a free implementation of the S language.

Loading R

Checking for available R installations can be done with VALET as such:

$ vpkg_versions  r
Available versions in package (* = default version):

r        The R Project for Statistical Computing
* 3.1.1  Version 3.1.1
  3      alias to r/3.1
  3.1    alias to r/3.1.1

$ vpkg_require r/3

Interactive R

For interactive R sessions, make sure you use workgroup and the appropriate job scheduler command such as qlogin for GridEngine or salloc for Slurm to connect to a compute node, then select the version of R you want to use

$ vpkg_require r
Adding package `r/3.1.1` to your environment

and then you can execute

$ R

Additionally, if you would like to make R quiet about starting and exiting, try

$ R -q --no-save

Scheduling R

See the cluster details for R script in batch and R script array job in batch examples for more information on running R in batch.

Most simply from a compute node, you can execute

$ Rscript /path/to/script.r
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