The Abaqus suite of software for finite element analysis (FEA) has the ability to solve a wide variety of simulations. Abaqus is commercial software that may only be used by research groups running a private license server. You must know the port and license server name to run the examples.

The advantage to submit jobs via a job scheduler is that it will automatically find the resources required and put the job onto a set of processors that have a low load. This will help executing the job faster.

Abaqus requires user(s) to purchase a license in order to gain access to the license server to actually use the software.

The Abaqus software is only available to licensed users. Abaqus licenses are called tokens. Stakeholders must purchase tokens for their workgroup through their college department to be able to run Abaqus. The appropriate license server ( information will be provided by the college department to run on a particular cluster.

A minimum of 5 tokens are needed per job. If you want to run two jobs at the same time you would need a minimum of 10 tokens to do so. More tokens can be required depending on the size of the job, the number of CPUs/cores you want the job to use, and the number of jobs you want to run simultaneously. If multiple users are in a workgroup then the number of simultaneous jobs determines the total number of concurrent tokens required. Here is what Abaqus says:

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