QuantumATK on Farber

QuantumATK requires user(s) to purchase a license and setup a license server to actually use the software.

This requires some amount of setup for each workgroup to do in order to use QuantumATK on Farber. One can define an environment variable that can be set to the license server "path" (<port>@<hostname>). This is done as follows.

export SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE=port@hostname

However, if access is required for everyone in the workgroup, then create a file called ${WORKDIR}/sw/quantum-atk/license-server that contains the appropriate <port>@<hostname>.

QuantumATK VALET package has a scripted component to their VALET actions. It checks for the file mentioned above and sets the appropriate license environment variable to that file's content. By putting the above file in the directory specified above, it is locked-down to the workgroup only and all members in the workgroup have access to QuantumATK, and it doesn't require any modification to the workgroup members login files or job scripts. See Workgroup Software Installs on Farber for help in understanding how to create the necessary workgroup directories referred to above.

The VALET package for QuantumATK is available to everyone on Farber, and will load as expected. However, in order to use QuantumATK, it will only work if the above file exists in the proper directory location or the environment variable SNPSLMD_LICENSE_FILE is set with the appropriate license server <port>@<hostname> information which is only provided upon purchasing a license and setting up a license server. To load the default version of QuantumATK, use

vpkg_require quantum-atk

Use vpkg_versions quantum-atk to see a list of all available versions of QuantumATK installed on Farber. For example

$ vpkg_versions quantum-atk
Available versions in package (* = default version):
quantum-atkAtomistic Simulation Software
* 2021.06  version 2021.06 for Linux
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