Using Globus on DARWIN

Unlike Globus on the Caviness cluster, Globus on the DARWIN cluster does not require a staging area and features two distinct collections

  • one for University of Delaware users ("UD DARWIN Cluster - Home and Lustre")
  • one for ACCESS users ("ACCESS UD DARWIN").

There are no guest collections enabled on DARWIN.

Start by navigating to the Globus web application ( in your web browser. If you have previously logged-in, you will be taken directly to the dashboard. Otherwise:

  • Choose the University of Delaware as your organization and click the Continue button; on the next page enter your UDelNet Id and Password and continue on to the dashboard.

Click the “File Manager” button filemanagerbutton.jpg on the left side-panel. In the search box at the top of the page, enter "UD DARWIN" and click the magnifying glass icon:


Depending on your account type, ACCESS or UD allocation, click on one of the corresponding collections, "ACCESS UD DARWIN" or "UD DARWIN Cluster - Home and Lustre" Upon successful activation the collection, you should see the two primary directories listed: "home" and "lustre":


Getting files off DARWIN

  • Files will be visible on your Globus endpoint, if they are in the "home" ($HOME) and "workgroup" ($WORKDIR) directories.
  • For group projects, make sure files are located within the appropriate workgroup directory to ensure they are accessible by members of that workgroup via Globus.

Moving data to DARWIN

  • Files copied to "home" ($HOME) or "workgroup" ($WORKDIR) directories via Globus will be directly accessible on the DARWINcluster.

PLEASE BE AWARE that all data moved to Darwin will be consuming storage space either on a user’s home or their group’s storage quota. Users are responsible for managing their data storage to avoid reaching capacity.

You can find your uid number using the id command:

$ id -u

Your directories can be found at /home/<uid#> or /lustre/<workgroup_name>/users/<uid#>.

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