The following table represents the number of tokens (licenses) for each Mathworks product. Please keep in mind that the products with very few licenses, less than 10, were likely purchased by a specific research lab. This means although the products are available from the license server, all or many of the tokens may be constantly checked out or in-use.

Product Grid Engine Resource Count
Simulink MLM.SIMULINK 75
5G Toolbox 2
Aerospace Blockset MLM.Aerospace_Blockset 1
Aerospace Toolbox MLM.Aerospace_Toolbox 1
Bioinformatics Toolbox MLM.Bioinformatics_Toolbox 25
Communications Toolbox MLM.Communication_Toolbox 15
Computer Vision System Toolbox MLM.Video_and_Image_Blockset 10
Control System Toolbox MLM.Control_Toolbox 75
Curve Fitting Toolbox MLM.Curve_Fitting_Toolbox 36
DSP System Toolbox MLM.Signal_Blocks 50
Data Acquisition Toolbox MLM.Data_Acq_Toolbox 4
Database Toolbox MLM.Database_Toolbox 6
Datafeed Toolbox 2
Deep Learning Toolbox 25
Econometrics Toolbox MLM.Econometrics_Toolbox 6
Embedded Coder MLM.RTW_Embedded_Coder 2
Financial Instruments Toolbox MLM.Fin_Instruments_Toolbox 6
Financial Toolbox MLM.Financial_Toolbox 6
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox MLM.Fuzzy_Toolbox 10
Global Optimization Toolbox MLM.GADS_Toolbox 7
Image Acquisition Toolbox MLM.Image_Acquisition_Toolbox 3
Image Processing Toolbox MLM.Image_Toolbox 75
Industrial Communication Toolbox 4
Instrument Control Toolbox MLM.Instr_Control_Toolbox 16
LTE System Toolbox 5
MATLAB Compiler MLM.Compiler 10
MATLAB Compiler SDK MLM.MPC_Toolbox 10
Mapping Toolbox MLM.MAP_Toolbox 12
Model Predictive Control Toolbox MLM.MPC_Toolbox 25
Navigation Toolbox 5
OPC Toolbox MLM.OPC_Toolbox 1
Optimization Toolbox MLM.Optimization_Toolbox 50
Parallel Computing Toolbox MLM.Distrib_Computing_Toolbox 55
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox MLM.PDE_Toolbox 10
ROS Toolbox 5
Robotics System Toolbox 5
Robust Control Toolbox MLM.Robust_Toolbox 25
Signal Processing Toolbox MLM.Signal_Toolbox 50
Simscape 3
Simscape Multibody 3
Simulink 3D Animation 1
Simulink Coder MLM.RTW_Embedded_Coder 7
Simulink Control Design MLM.Simulink_Control_Design 30
Simulink Desktop Real-Time MLM.Real-Time_Win_Target 1
Simulink Real-Time MLM.Real-Time_Workshop 3
Stateflow 2
Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox MLM.Statistics_Toolbox 100
Symbolic Math Toolbox MLM.Symbolic_Toolbox 40
System Identification Toolbox MLM.Identification_Toolbox 15
Text Analytics Toolbox 2
Wavelet Toolbox MLM.Wavelet_Toolbox 10
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