ANSYS FLUENT is commercial software that may only be used by research groups running a private license server. You must know the port and license server name to run this example.

Copy a Grid Engine script file and all necessary input files to your working directory, and then

  1. Login headnode.
  2. Start workgroup shell.
  3. Change to your working directory.
  4. Submit the job.
Sample commands here demonstrate example for : (cluster mills.hpc, user traine in workgroup it_css). However, same commands are also applicable for cluster farber
workgroup -g it_css
cd /lustre/work/it_css/users/traine/fluent
qsub fluent-3ddp.qs

The working directory /lustre/work/it_css/users/traine/fluent has the Grid Engine script file fluent-3ddp.qs that starts FLUENT with the input file with instructions to read the case file, run a solver and write the solution data file. FLUENT's log files, data files and script output files will be stored in the working directory after the job completes.

An example that shows how to submit a batch mpi job to execute fluent 3ddp with an input journal file can be downloaded from the link: fluent-3ddp-mpi.tar.gz.

On Mills, the commands

tar -zxf fluent-3ddp-mpi.tar.gz

will get and extract the files to the directory fluent-3ddp-mpi, with the files:

  1. fluent-3ddp.qs — Grid Engine script to execute fluent 3ddp with input file: input-3d
  2. input-3d — Fluent journal input files with the command to read 3d.cas
  3. 3d.cas — Fluent case file.
ANSYS/fluent is a licensed product, so you must export a valid value of the ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE variable to gain access to fluent on Mills. The exact value should be obtained from the owner of the license. Without a proper value, the script output will contain a message such as:
ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR:Could not connect to any license server. 
The server is down or is not responsive. 

Sample session from login to submission:

wombat:~ jdoe$ ssh
    Mills cluster (
    This computer system is maintained by University of
    Delaware IT.  Links to documentation and other online
    resources can be found at:
    For support, please contact
Last login: Mon Oct  1 15:50:17 2012 from
[traine@mills ~]$ cd /lustre/work/it_css/users/traine
[traine@mills traine]$ wget
--2012-10-01 15:46:12--
Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 154348 (151K) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: “fluent-3ddp-mpi.tar.gz”
100%[==================================================================>] 154,348     --.-K/s   in 0.003s  
2012-10-01 15:46:12 (48.7 MB/s) - “fluent-3ddp-mpi.tar.gz” saved [154348/154348]
[traine@mills traine]$ tar -zxvf fluent-3ddp-mpi.tar.gz
[traine@mills traine]$ cd fluent-3ddp-mpi
[traine@mills fluent-3ddp-mpi]$ vi fluent-3ddp.qs
  • You must edit this file to gain access to this licensed product. Follow the usage directions in the comments.
[traine@mills fluent-3ddp-mpi]$ workgroup -g it_css
[(it_css:traine)@mills fluent-3ddp-mpi]$ qsub fluent-3ddp.qs 
Your job 82746 ("fluent-3ddp.qs") has been submitted

fluent-3ddp.qs file: (Must supply a port and license server)

#$ -pe openmpi 4
#$ -l  psm_endpoints=1
source /opt/shared/valet/docs/
vpkg_require ansys
echo "-- begin fluent run --"
fluent 3ddp -g -i input-3d -t$NSLOTS -pinfiniband -mpi=openmpi -ssh
echo "-- end fluent run --"

input-3d file:

; Read case file
rc 3d.cas
; Initialize the solution
; Calculate 50 iterations
it 50
; Write data file
wd it50-3d.dat
; Calculate another 50 iterations
it 50
; Write final data file
wd 3d.dat
; Exit Fluent

The fluent output with be in the queue script output file between the "– begin fluent run –" and "– end fluent run –" lines. For example:

-- begin fluent run --
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/bin/fluent -r14.0.0 3ddp -g -i input-3d -t4 -pinfiniband -mpi=openmpi -ssh
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/bin/fluent -r14.0.0 3ddp -g -i input-3d -t4 -pinfiniband -mpi=openmpi -ssh -sgeup
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/cortex/lnamd64/cortex.14.0.0 -f fluent -g -i input-3d -newcx (fluent "3ddp -pinfiniband  -host -alnamd64 -r14.0.0 -t4 -mpi=openmpi -cnf=/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-11579 -path/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent -sge -ssh")
Loading "/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/lib/fluent.dmp.114-64"
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/bin/fluent -r14.0.0 3ddp -pinfiniband -host -alnamd64 -t4 -mpi=openmpi -cnf=/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-11579 -path/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent -sge -ssh -cx
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/bin/fluent -r14.0.0 3ddp -pinfiniband -host -alnamd64 -t4 -mpi=openmpi -cnf=/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-11579 -path/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent -sge -ssh -cx -sgeup
Starting /opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/lnamd64/3ddp_host/fluent.14.0.0 sge host -cx "(list (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/function) "fluent 3ddp -flux -node -alnamd64 -r14.0.0 -t4 -pinfiniband -mpi=openmpi -cnf=/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-12092 -sge -ssh") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/rhost) "") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/ruser) "") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/nprocs_string) "4") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/auto-spawn?) #t) (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/trace-level) 0) (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/remote-shell) 1) (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/path) "/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent") (rpsetvar (QUOTE parallel/hostsfile) "/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-12092") )"
     Welcome to ANSYS FLUENT 14.0.0
     Copyright 2011 ANSYS, Inc.. All Rights Reserved.
     Unauthorized use, distribution or duplication is prohibited.
     This product is subject to U.S. laws governing export and re-export.
     For full Legal Notice, see documentation.
Build Time: Oct 25 2011 11:19:48 EDT  Build Id: 10398
Loading "/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/lib/flprim.dmp.1119-64"
     This is an academic version of ANSYS FLUENT. Usage of this product
     license is limited to the terms and conditions specified in your ANSYS
     license form, additional terms section.
Host spawning Node 0 on machine "n015" (unix).
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/bin/fluent -r14.0.0 3ddp -flux -node -alnamd64 -t4 -pinfiniband -mpi=openmpi -cnf=/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-12092 -sge -ssh -mport
/opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/bin/fluent -r14.0.0 3ddp -flux -node -alnamd64 -t4 -pinfiniband -mpi=openmpi -cnf=/tmp/fluent-sge-cnf-traine-12092 -sge -ssh -mport -sgeup
Starting fixfiledes /opt/shared/ansys/14/v140/fluent/fluent14.0.0/multiport/mpi/lnamd64/openmpi/bin/mpirun --app /tmp/fluent-appfile.12486
ID     Comm.   Hostname        O.S.        PID     Mach ID HW ID   Name        
host   net     n015            Linux-64    12165   0       19      Fluent Host 
n3     openmpi n015            Linux-64    12616   0       3       Fluent Node 
n2     openmpi n015            Linux-64    12615   0       2       Fluent Node 
n1     openmpi n015            Linux-64    12614   0       1       Fluent Node 
n0*    openmpi n015            Linux-64    12613   0       0       Fluent Node 
Selected system interconnect: InfiniBand
Initializing SGE
Reading journal file input...
Multicore SMT processors detected. Processor affinity set!
; Read case file
rc 3d.cas
Reading "3d.cas"...
Using buffering for scanning file.
    4000 hexahedral cells, zone  2, binary.
    1600 quadrilateral wall faces, zone  3, binary.
     100 quadrilateral pressure-outlet faces, zone  4, binary.
     100 quadrilateral velocity-inlet faces, zone  5, binary.
   11100 quadrilateral interior faces, zone  7, binary.
    4961 nodes, binary.
    4961 node flags, binary.
	auto partitioning mesh by Metis (fast),
	distributing mesh
> ; Initialize the solution
> ; Calculate 50 iterations
it 50
  iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity z-velocity     time/iter
     1 1.0000e+00 3.0626e+01 0.0000e+00 0.0000e+00  0:00:01   49
     2 5.2224e-01 1.8645e-02 9.7302e-04 9.3701e-04  0:00:01   48
     3 3.4389e-01 1.1462e-02 3.6203e-04 3.3080e-04  0:00:01   47
     4 2.6015e-01 7.1708e-03 1.8307e-04 1.6784e-04  0:00:02   46
     5 1.6257e-01 3.6794e-03 1.1499e-04 1.1104e-04  0:00:02   45
     6 1.1773e-01 2.9507e-03 1.0063e-04 9.8831e-05  0:00:01   44
     7 8.9668e-02 2.6900e-03 9.9205e-05 9.6483e-05  0:00:01   43
     8 7.2522e-02 2.5473e-03 8.9085e-05 8.7391e-05  0:00:01   42
     9 5.9407e-02 2.3933e-03 7.3671e-05 7.2378e-05  0:00:01   41
    10 4.3260e-02 2.1616e-03 6.6998e-05 6.6789e-05  0:00:01   40
    11 3.3065e-02 2.0107e-03 6.3300e-05 6.2885e-05  0:00:01   39
  iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity z-velocity     time/iter
    12 2.6991e-02 1.8833e-03 5.8103e-05 5.7767e-05  0:00:01   38
    13 2.0547e-02 1.7679e-03 5.2381e-05 5.2213e-05  0:00:01   37
    14 1.6036e-02 1.6245e-03 4.5816e-05 4.5595e-05  0:00:01   36
    15 1.2198e-02 1.4862e-03 4.0081e-05 3.9796e-05  0:00:01   35
    16 9.6683e-03 1.3218e-03 3.5188e-05 3.4946e-05  0:00:01   34
    17 7.5870e-03 1.1556e-03 3.0637e-05 3.0361e-05  0:00:01   33
    18 5.5529e-03 9.9136e-04 2.6857e-05 2.6885e-05  0:00:01   32
    19 4.1636e-03 8.3279e-04 2.4361e-05 2.4271e-05  0:00:00   31
    20 3.2192e-03 6.8891e-04 2.2513e-05 2.2368e-05  0:00:00   30
    21 2.5922e-03 5.5693e-04 2.0894e-05 2.0774e-05  0:00:00   29
    22 2.2036e-03 4.4272e-04 1.9067e-05 1.9030e-05  0:00:00   28
  iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity z-velocity     time/iter
    23 1.8422e-03 3.4535e-04 1.6883e-05 1.6860e-05  0:00:00   27
    24 1.5145e-03 2.6291e-04 1.4504e-05 1.4497e-05  0:00:00   26
    25 1.2806e-03 1.9693e-04 1.2115e-05 1.2065e-05  0:00:00   25
    26 1.0292e-03 1.4402e-04 9.8752e-06 9.8899e-06  0:00:00   24
!   27 solution is converged
    27 8.3820e-04 1.0405e-04 7.8272e-06 7.8486e-06  0:00:00   23
> ; Write data file
wd it50-3d.dat
Writing "it50-3d.dat"...
> ; Calculate another 50 iterations
it 50
  iter continuity x-velocity y-velocity z-velocity     time/iter
!   27 solution is converged
    27 8.3820e-04 1.0405e-04 7.8272e-06 7.8486e-06  0:00:01   50
!   28 solution is converged
    28 6.7773e-04 7.3765e-05 6.0637e-06 6.0806e-06  0:00:01   49
> ; Write another data file
wd 3d.dat
Writing "3d.dat"...
> ; Exit Fluent
The current case has not been saved.
OK to discard? [cancel] 
-- end fluent run --

The files "it50-3d.dat" and "3d.dat" are written and stored in the working directory. You can load them along with the 3d.cas file for further post-processing and visualization.

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