Abaqus on Caviness

Abaqus version 6.14-1 will not work on Lustre. Please use workgroup storage ($WORKDIR) on Caviness.
For best results, please copy the UD IT provided job script template for Abaqus which can be found at /opt/templates/slurm/applications/abaqus.qs and make changes for your job. It is very important to read the comments in the job script template and make the modifications according to your job requirements.

Abaqus requires user(s) to purchase a license in order to gain access to the license server to actually use the software. This requires some amount of setup for each workgroup to do in order to use Abaqus on Caviness. One can define an environment variable that can be set to the license server “path” (<port>@<hostname>). However, there's a shortcut discussed at the top of Abaqus's VALET package definition on Caviness as shown below:

# You MUST set ABAQUSLM_LICENSE_FILE in your environment to point
# to your Abaqus license server.  Workgroups can create the file
#   ${WORKDIR}/sw/abaqus/license-server
# containing the FLEXlm license path they use for Abaqus, and
# this package will set ABAQUSLM_LICENSE_FILE to the contents of
# that file.

Abaqus VALET package has a scripted component to their VALET actions. It checks for the file mentioned above and sets the appropriate license environment variable to that file's content. By putting the above file in the directory specified above, it is locked-down to the workgroup only and all members in the workgroup have access to Abaqus, and it doesn't require any modification to the workgroup members login files or job scripts. See Workgroup Software Installs on Caviness for help in understanding how to create the necessary workgroup directories referred to above.

Another alternative is to set the environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE before running the Abaqus program. This is done as follows.

export LM_LICENSE_FILE=port@hostname
vpkg_require abaqus

The VALET package for Abaqus is available to everyone on Caviness and will load as expected. Another important instruction specific to Caviness is, to avoid unexpected error messages while running the Abaqus programs, reset the SLURM_GTIDS variable just before running the Abaqus program in the job script. This is done as follows.


Include this command in the job script before the launch of Abaqus program. However, this has been already incorporated into our Abaqus job template that can be found at /opt/templates/slurm/applications/abaqus.qs.

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