Introduction to HPC workshop is an introduction to HPC (High Performance Computing) covering basic concepts such as connecting and SSH keys, workgroups, HPC components, file systems, data management, data transfer methods, software and VALET, and running jobs with Slurm presented by the UDIT Research CyberInfrastructure group.(slides)(video)

HPC Carpentry teaches basic skills for high-performance computing. HPC Carpentry is a set of teaching materials designed to help new users take advantage of high-performance computing systems. No prior computational experience is required. These lessons are ideal for either traditional or online workshop, or independent (self-paced) study.

Introduction to High-Performance Computing is a great place to start (up to lesson 7). The remaining lessons can be referenced for concepts, but are not specific to UD's community clusters. Also consider the Software Carpentry: The Unix Shell workshop to provide additional in depth knowledge for lessons 1-7.

NOTE: Currently, HPC Carpentry release is a draft. Comments and feedback are welcome.

If you would like to schedule an online workshop for your research group based on using the materials from HPC Carpentry or Software Carpentry, please submit an HPC Request Form.

Supercomputing in Plain English at Oklahoma University (OU)

Henry Neeman at OU is hosting an annual set of workshops about High Performance Computing called Supercomputing in Plain English. Learn more about how supercomputers work and how to use them by watching and participating through exercises. All the videos and slides are available here.

Teaches you how to get started using the UD's HPC community clusters specifically focusing on the differences from a standard Linux system.

Tutorials developed at the University of Delaware

Presentations from the University of Delaware

Other HPC tutorials

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