First see if your software is installed by using vpkg_list on Caviness, and then check the Software documentation for all software which is organized in alphabetical order on the sidebar to see if there are any specific instructions provided for use and/or installation on Caviness.

The HPC team has a set of standards and technology used to reduce complexity and bring consistency to the process of software installation and management.

Software is generally built, installed, and accessed using the VALET system (not Modules but similar) developed by Dr. Jeffrey Frey. VALET provides the ability to modify your environment without modifying your startup files like .bashrc and .bash_profile as it prevents jobs from failing by keeping a clean login environment.

This process of basic software management and installation is described in Software Management and Workgroup Directory, where both can also be found on the sidebar under Install Software.

With that said, you may need to use other methodologies for installing your software such as a Python virtualenv or a container technology like Singularity on the cluster along with creating a VALET package to properly add it to your environment.

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